Washington State Horsemen
WSHWashington State Horsemen is an organization for everyone who has a love for horses. No matter what your riding pleasure or your level of expertise they have something for you.


Breed Associations Open Show Programs
Many breed associations have programs that allow you to earn points or credit at Open Shows. Check out the following resources to see if you could start getting more bang for your buck while you participate in Open Shows.

Appaloosa Competitive All-Breed Activities Program

If you are an Appaloosa owner that enjoys competing in local competitions such as team penning, cutting, barrel racing, gaming, judged trail riding, hunter or open shows then the Appaloosa Horse Club can offer you a way to receive recognition for your accomplishments.

Paint Alternative Competition Program

The American Paint Horse Association, knows that your riding and driving activities are as diverse as the color patterns on the horses you register. Through the Paint Alternative Competition Program, you can get recognition for accomplishments in the competitive events you enjoy.


Arabian Horse Association Incentive Riding Programs

If you’re currently riding and competing with Arabian horses outside of the AHA-recognized show circuit, the Arabian Horse Association Incentive Programs are designed for you. Whether your ride dressage or endurance, compete in local open shows or just enjoy getting out and saddling up for a leisurely trail ride, there’s a program for you.

Open Competition Activities Program

Developed to allow Pinto members who might not have the opportunity to earn national points and awards, the Open Competition Activities Program allows participants to earn points at OCAP approved shows that will go toward OCAP specific awards. The program is open to any Pinto, but does not include Amateur competition.

AMHA Morgan Open High Point Awards

Recognizing the highest scoring Morgan in individual open competitions, regardless of the division the horse competes in. Points from classes open to all breeds may count toward this award. To be eligible for the AMHA Morgan Open High Point Award, show organizers must apply to the AMHA prior to the date of the show.


PHBA Palomino Performance Program

Designed to award registered Palomino Horse Breeders of America horses for their outstanding performance in other associations and events. The program will reach the Palomino horse market that does not participate in PHBA sanctioned horse shows. This will increase marketability of the horse, increase registration, memberships and award owners for choosing the Palomino horse.